メーカー名 PENTAX Corporation
機種名 K100D
ソフトウェア PENTAX PHOTO Browser Ver. 3.00
レンズ DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6
焦点距離 45mm
露出制御モード 低速プログラム
シャッタースピード 1/90sec.
絞り値 F6.7
露出補正値 +0.0
測光モード 分割測光
ISO感度 200
ホワイトバランス オート
フラッシュ なし
サイズ 3008x2008 (2,168KB)
撮影日時 2007-03-13 08:22:03 +0900

1   Maciej Tamkun   2007/3/17 23:02


2   Maciej Tamkun   2007/3/18 01:56

I have question. Which lens is best to photographing in city ?Please about advice .

3   万里のパパ   2007/3/18 09:31

It is a very difficult question.
What is the performance that you request?
I recommend for you some single focus lenses.
FA35mm F2
DA40mm F2.8
DA21mm F3.2
These lenses will answer your expectation.
Marie's Papa

4   習作   2007/3/18 19:27

It is the evidence of friendship that a chain is strong.

5   Maciej Tamkun   2007/3/18 19:47

Yes! Syuusaku.

6   T.M.@YOKOHAMA   2007/3/18 20:46

Dear Tamkun,
Nice to meet to you. I'm live in Yokohama-City.
"Friendship" is a very firm handshake in the internet.
Your photo provide enduring emotion for me.
BTW,my favorite lenses are FA50mmF1.4
and DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6.
FA50mmF1.4 is hard to deal with a digital camera.
DA 18-55mm is usefull with a digital camera.

7   North-hill   2007/3/18 23:10

The chain which means peace.
It is a splendid photograph.

8   Maciej Tamkun   2007/3/18 23:16

So that's true .