メーカー名 PENTAX Corporation
機種名 K100D
ソフトウェア PENTAX PHOTO Browser Ver. 3.00
焦点距離 20mm
露出制御モード ノーマルプログラム
シャッタースピード 1/125sec.
絞り値 F6.7
露出補正値 +0.0
測光モード 分割測光
ISO感度 200
フラッシュ なし
サイズ 2889x1897 (1,186KB)
撮影日時 2007-04-08 13:13:08 +0900

1   Yokusia   2007/4/11 00:06

Dziękuję za wiadomość!

2   Maciej   2007/4/10 00:06

This is this horse-chestnut .

3   ペッタンコ1号   2007/4/10 05:04

Oh! it's a large tree. The trunk has expanded in various
directions, and it is interesting.

4   Maciej   2007/4/10 15:49

In background palace in Rzucewo.

5   ペッタンコ1号   2007/4/10 20:06

I searched by the Internet. I think that this is
XIX-wieczny palace. I do not know details.
However, it's a beautiful palace.


6   Maciej   2007/4/10 20:28

This palace is in Rzucewo.

7   Yokusia   2007/4/10 22:58

Drogi Macieju!
Czy możesz im opowiadać więcej o Rzucewie i o tym Pałacu ?


8   Maciej   2007/4/10 23:28

Rzucewo It is near Puck, Gdynia, Gdansk. Neo-gothic style palace, he was the property Polish of king Sobieski. Now is hotel and restauration. Are cords tennis and horses .And sight on sea Baltic .

9   Maciej   2007/4/10 23:37


10   Maciej   2007/4/10 23:52

There is a castle on the picturesque, cliff shore of the Puck Bay, on the Wejhers, Radziwiłłs, Sobieskis lands. Its mysterious beauty charms everyone. The Neo - Gothic image created by Fredrik Stuler in 1840 recalls memories of former owners - the Von Below family. After the Second World War the owners of the castle changed and the castle went to ruin. In 1994 its lot changed.
Once upon a time a convenient, aristocratic residence and a comfortably equipped hotel, nowadays assures peace, recreation and facilities to work for guests from all over the world. For people with imagination, creators, dreamers and businessmen, for whom it is a suitable place to work, the Castle is an excellent location. The atmosphere of ancient ages favours evenings by the fireside at the hunting lodge, tasting of wine in the stylish bodega, feasts by the fire. Unusual taste of dishes encourages to arrive at a Sunday dinner or to organise truly royal party (not only in the Castle). Horse riding through the picturesque beach nestle to an old park, excursions on foot or bike rides along linden alley of Jan III Sobieski will attract lovers of active rest close to nature. Turkish baths, fitness centre, massage, tennis courts will make a stay more attractive.
Householders recommend especially family vacations, vacations with riding on horseback and a stay "To be a rose" - for ladies taking care of their beauty.
Comfortably equipped rooms, among others: Royal Suite and the Newly Married Couple Suite, are waiting for the guests.