メーカー名 PENTAX Corporation
機種名 K100D
ソフトウェア Photoshop CS Windows
焦点距離 55mm
露出制御モード 風景
シャッタースピード 1/250sec.
絞り値 F8.0
露出補正値 +0.0
測光モード 分割測光
ISO感度 200
フラッシュ なし
サイズ 2790x1868 (2,738KB)
撮影日時 2007-03-19 14:12:59 +0900

1   http://putto.blog.onet.pl   2007/3/21 02:04

My city Wejherowo.
私は出迎えます Maciej

2   バリオUK!   2007/3/21 04:32

Pretty but lonely. This photo puts me in a sentimental mood.

Is the sign with a red circle on the left of the picture a Japanese restaurant?

3   http://putto.blog.onet.pl   2007/3/21 05:12

Thank you for likable comment. Consider that japaneses this people of honor and with dignity. Are also mile and cultural.

4   haru   2007/3/21 08:10

I think your city is so beautiful!

5   万里のパパ   2007/3/21 09:20

Wejherowo is in Wojewo'dztwo pomorskie isn't it?
Is the town of Gdan'sk larger?
Please introduce a lot of photographs in Poland.
By the way, it is holiday of Japan today.
There is a day when daytime becomes the same as the length of the night twice a year.
This day of spring is called "Vernal Equinox Day", and the one of autumn is
called "Autumnal Equinox Day".
Is there similar holiday also in Poland?
Marie's Papa

6   Maciej   2007/3/21 23:07

So, in Poland is the spring holiday. In school has not lecture Is gaily .
Gdansk is greater from Wejherowa. Wejherowo has 50000 population. Is from Gdansk 50 kilometers .

7   NNE   2007/3/22 00:01

The rows of stores and houses on a street which don't have an electric light pole and a wire are enviable for me.